€ 58,000 in 3 days at the Casino de Canet-en-Roussillon

A few lucky ones from our dear French neighbors are going to start the summer off rather well, with more than € 58,000 won in just 3 days at the Joa Casino in Canet-en-Roussillon. An opportunity, since we are talking about jackpots, to then see a kind of analysis in the second part, explaining to you why it is Scandinavian players who most often win jackpots on the slot machines of the publisher NetEnt.

JOA Casino in Canet-en-Roussillon

This week, we learned that luck was rather lenient and generous with players from the JOA Casino in Canet-en-Roussillon. Indeed, the gaming establishment has recorded at least three consecutive jackpots over the last 3 days. Prizes that should not be overlooked since each lucky player has actually won a pretty good sum of over € 15,000, simply by throwing spins on a slot machine. Good news for these people, but also for the person in charge of the establishment, who sees this as an excellent way to advertise for free and to attract new members to come and try their luck in turn.

A series of victories

It is indeed a surprising and unexpected series of victories which made vibrate the hearts of the casino and its players, with quite substantial jackpots in recent days. We were able to identify three jackpots, which were distributed to lucky winners, who are from the region.

It all started on Sunday May 20. While lingering on the “Dancing Drums” slot machine, accessible from a minimum bet of € 0.01, a player simply wins a reward of € 23,434.67. The weekend passes and on Tuesday May 22, two other customers then take turns winning a jackpot of € 16,309 on the “Lock it Link” slot machine with € 0.01 stake and € 18,800 on the “Poker” slot machine. The first will even have the impropriety and the nerve to complete his win by an amount of € 2,000, naturally lingering on the same machine after winning his jackpot. As for the second player, he managed to win this fabulous amount of money by having obtained a royal flush combination.

Incredible luck for JOA Casino customers

We can really speak of luck, since the mode of operation of jackpots is essentially based on a redistribution rate to the amount paid by a slot machine according to the stakes. Here we are faced with a percentage that is in fact set only by the state. But you should know that some gambling houses can change it, while it ranges between 85% at least in general. Concretely, if you invest 100 euros in a slot, you will be able to win 85 euros which will be redistributed in earnings according to this scale.

You should know that it is impossible to predict whether a machine will pay or not on the side of the casino in which you are playing. This is due to the fact that slot machines benefit from a very specific random winning frequency, accompanied by a system that is based on mathematical and statistical concepts. Finally, it should also be noted that all this is regulated and well controlled, and that the conformity of the program and the respect of the redistribution rate are ensured by the SFM. The Supply and Maintenance Company is in fact a body mandated by the Ministry of the Interior.

JOA Casino is a provider of winners

We would not go so far as to say that this Casino guarantees you a jackpot every time you visit, but you should know however that it is very likely that you will be able to leave with substantial gains since the redistribution rate observed actually rises. at 92%. A very good rate for this Canet casino which offers no less than 150 slot machines to its customers and many table games such as a blackjack table, electronic English roulette and tables to indulge in Texas Hold’em Poker .

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